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    Ok, my mind is made up for all that have been trying to help me decide on my new smartphone purchase. Since I am new to the "Smartphone/PDA" world I decided to go with a Treo 600, over the MPx220 and 650. However, my service is with Cingular and I already have the mediaworks package and don't want to lose it so I would like to make my purchase elsewhere. Where can I pick one up new, in the $350 range, and from a reputible source?? Help me out here guys/gals...Thanks
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    C'mon people, I am counting on your vast wealth of knowledge here. If I can't find the T600 for a formidable price, then I may be tempted to go after a 650. If I shell out that kinda dough, I am sure to be in the doghouse for a very long time!!
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    It's hard to find the 600 for a cheap price without starting a new plan. I would check Amazon, Ebay, and here. But if it were me, I would get the 650. (wait, I already did!)
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    yeah I think that may be what I end up doing. thanks for the response.
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    650 - Amazon - Sprint - 2 yr. - $309
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    If you hurry you can get a T600 from for $149 after rebates on AT&T
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeyg54
    650 - Amazon - Sprint - 2 yr. - $309
    A good deal! But he seems to want to stay on Cingular, so this would do him no good. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Is the 600 a more stable device?? I keep hearing about all the bugs with the 650 that makes me wanna forget a 650 all together. I need a sound device that isn't gonna zonk out when I need it most.
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    I've had my 650 since Thanksgiving, and I don't have any serious issues with it, certainly no more than I had with the 600. If money's the issue, get the 600. I think I saw have a big lot of them.

    Otherwise, go for the 650. If you do need more money, just bet on the Pats to cover.
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    Jerry -

    With your retention dept skills at Cingular, shouldn't you just wait until they release the 650 to see if you can get a deal on it? The 600 is a good phone, but do you really want already old technology for another 1-2 years? By the time Palm releases the ROM update which should fix a lot of bugs, you'll be stuck in a new contract, with an old 600!
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    Well the truth is that I do not wanna pay for a data package at $40 a month, while I have the media works now for $19.99...Unfortunately times are rough with money for me right now and every little bit that I can save here and there helps till my fiance graduates nursing school. Yeah I know, then what am I doing looking for a $300-$500 phone. Well I need the accessibilty and conveniences for work so my days aren't so damn stressful. Plus I don't have to come home from work every night and spend an hour at the computer just to be ready for the next work day. See I am a dispatched furniture assembly tech and I get my work orders for the next day emailed to me every night at 5pm. If I get a smartphone my life would be so much easier.

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