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    hi everyone.. its my first post but I thought it would be of interest that palm one's CEO is leaving..

    here is the link

    anyways i've been lurking around and I must say this site is great...
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    some people here might say that is "old news"
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    oh oops didn't see that.. my bookmark goes directly to this forum
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    Gizmodo Link

    Hmmm, I agree with Gizmodo's editor...

    Sinking Ship?
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    haha.. i just posted this too..
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    Mr Bradley's departure was the latest sign of trouble at PalmOne. On December 16 the company warned that sales and profit in the current quarter might not meet analysts' estimates. The company reported a notable inventory backlog, particularly in its flagship Treo line of smartphones.

    Strong sales of Treo phones had helped offset slow demand for the group's core handheld computer products. PalmOne shares more than doubled in 2004 because of optimism over Treo sales. But analysts said slow sales of older smartphones and sluggish launches of its new Treo 650 suggested demand for the product was slowing.
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    So maybe Apple will buy them out. i HOPE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    So maybe Apple will buy them out. i HOPE.

    Oh no! an all white Treo that costs $2000!
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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan
    Oh no! an all white Treo that costs $2000!
    And half the processor performance of competitor's phones.
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    maybe there goes the guy who insisted we dont need more memory on a treo ... most certainly a PRPRPR $disaster$ $for$ $P1$
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    I don't get their strategy...The market was there for them to make a killing and they let it slip them by. Guess that deal with Sprint backfired. They better pray Cingular sales of the Treo bail them out.
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    I am all for the blue collar high clients treo users but it looks like those than can afford the phones already have them. I am sorry to say the CEO did not see this coming...

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    good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Maybe they will get someone with a clue. But I doubt it.

    Maybe they will ditch the Dungstens. But I doubt it.

    Maybe they will set fire to the Zire. But I doubt it.

    Palm could've been the Highlander...but they blew it.

    Sony has a chance, but couldn't maintain the vision.

    Apple will try...and fail.

    Basically, an upstart will need to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noob
    And half the processor performance of competitor's phones.
    I wonder why the CEO left? It seems they have quite a hot cake on their hands..convergence is definitely the direction consumers are going...the Treo is perfect for that market. Why leave on a seemingly good note?
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    Last time I needed technical support with my Tungsten C the 800 number sent me all the way to India, where PalmOne outsourced its call center. The Indian rep and I could not understand one another, but we managed to talk about the weather and local time.

    At that time my company, who shall remain nameless, also began to outsource to Mexico, China, and India. I knew then that this would come back and bite all the oursoucers in the ****. My company lost its market share in the Us.

    PalmOne will suffer, and will not recover without embracing its North American market customers and begging for their satisfaction.

    No jobs --> loaded consumer credit cards --> bankruptcies --> no more buying power --> no more market share for businesses that don't look out for what's good for their customers--> head chopping beginning with CEO's
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    Somebody dig up a HANDSPRING guy QUICK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869
    Somebody dig up a HANDSPRING guy QUICK!

    That would be Colligan who is now the acting Ceo....

    The other two Handspring primaries are accounted for: Dubinsky is on the PalmOne board of directors and JH is busy thinking he's a neuroscientist...
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    Do you think Colligan would be a better CEO of P1 than Bradley? I am new and heard lot about Handspring being better than now P1.
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