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    I am new to the treo world so I would appreciate any help. I have downloaded both eReader and zdoc for reading ebooks. If I download a palm version of an ebook it comes up in my eReader automatically but if i try to download a doc version it only saves to the built in memo on the treo. If it is a large doc it may take up 100 memos or more. How can I get the download to save so that it will come up in either zdoc or the native docs to go utility. I am just learning this stuff so please give the "docs for dummies" version.
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    That's strange? When you install ereader is should register itself as the default app for doc file types. If it is not, then the default app is the memopad app which sounds like what is happenning to your treo. Try to reinstall the ereader so that it can properly register itself as the default app for all doc file types...
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