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    I just signed up for ATT Wireless service and purchased a Treo 600 about a week ago. I've been a Palm user for years and have been waiting for a device better than the Treo 300. So far I'm happy with the Treo 600. It's replacing my pager, cell, and PDA. I use it mainly for syncronizing outlook. It would be cool to have blue tooth and the ringer could use some volume since I keep missing calls.
    At this time since I've only had service less than 30 days should I pay the extra $100 to upgrade? I would like to stay with ATT since they don't charge activation as well as their rate plans are better.
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    Did AT&T offer you an upgrade option to T650? AT&T never said they'd have a T650. Cingular did, but never comitted to a date. Did they say the upgrade is through Cingular?
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    I would upgrade to the 650 if they will do it for $100. The 650 is still buggy IMHO but you mentioned that you mainly use it to sync with outlook (so you probably wouldn't be putting a lot of 3rd party apps on it anyway).
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    We'll the unfortunate part is that the more I get knee deep into this forum the more I learn about apps that I couldn't imagine not living without. I have a feeling that ATTWS may not be getting the 650 since Orange wants everybody to switch. I'm worried about the buginess of the 650 compared to the 600. But then again I've got 3 more weeks to make up my mind since I'm still confused.
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    For a $100 this is definitely worth it for the hi res screen, faster processor, better mail client, and muuch better web browser.

    Though you say now you only sync to Outlook, I think once you experience the better performance of the 650 you'll use more of the functionality.

    I tried my friend's 650 side by side with my 600 and I was amazed. I also like that the new Contacts app links an picture to each contact.

    And once the 650 is released your 600 will only be worth $300.

    I would have already upgraded but I'm switching from Sprint to Cingular.
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    The question is how much you paid for your "New" T600, and why. We can't say the $100 upgrade is worth it if you paid $600 for an unlocked T600. Simple math says wait for T650 GSM if the T600 is too exensive, or go with the flow and get a CDMA T650 for $319.99 after rebates.
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    I paid $349 for the 600 with a one year contract. I figure it would be about $449 for the Treo 650 GSM. The only issue is that I got free activation 7PM nights and weekends and 3 other lines on the Family Plan. I travel a great deal overseas and GSM would be a plus but then again I have 4 other phones that are world phones. If the phone is so much better I might make the switch if it's only $100 difference. I do like the blue tooth functionality since all the rest of my phones are blue tooth. We'll find out next week when Orange releases their phone. Also I'm not sure if they also sell insurance on the pda phones. I do appreciate the honest responses and the opinions expressed by replies to my post.

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