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    10 days ago I bought a wonderful and up-to-dated Treo 600i.
    It was working properly with apparently no bug at all.
    To install movierec, recommended to previously upgrade using RowUpdater 1.12. I successfully did it and now my Treo inherited a lot of bugs.
    It resets after an Hotsync, during conversations, mic does not work as good as before....
    a mess!
    Palm recommended me to send them the Treo for an upgrade (I hope covered by warranty) but I still hope some guru among you can suggest me a site where I can download a "bug-free-version-for-stupid-upgraders-of-a-working-treo".
    Thank you all in advance
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    try a hard reset.. that gets rid of any 3rd party software and reset to factory default.
    If that doesnt fix it it is a hardware issue..
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