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    Has anyone come across a screen filter that allows you to read the screen in bright daylight? Or is there some trick to this that I don't know.

    Blinded by the Light
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    Do you use a screen protector? if so which one?
    With blinded, do you mean the screen is too bright, or the reflection of the sun is too bright?
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    Also what model phone are you using? I know the 600 is tough to see. But the 650 has been quite easy to see in direct sunlight, for me atleast.
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    I moved up to the Treo 650 from a Treo 300. I couldn't read the Treo 300's screen in ANY kind of direct light, but the Treo 650 is wonderful. I'm amazed at how easy it is to read, even under lighting conditions where the 300 was totally washed out.

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    I am using the 600. thanks for your reply

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