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    I have a treo 600 from Aliant Mobility in Atlantic Canada. The issue with Voicemail is that Bell Mobility (where Aliant gets their phones) customers dial into voicemail differently then Aliant customers do. I want to reprogram my voicemail key to dial into voicemail the way we do it instead of the preprogammed bell way. Is this possible?
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    Hope you have gotten this issue solved since your post, but you should be able to edit the Voicemail faovite button. Use your 5-way to highlight it, then press Menu-E (Edit Favorites Button...). You should be able to put in the key sequence to get you into your voicemail.

    See P.51 of the 600 manual (the PDF is available on PalmOne's site).
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    I still haven't gotten this resolved. I tried to edit it and it won't allow me to. I also try to delete it or save over it and it won't allow me to do that either.

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