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    Ok, we've seen countless threads dedicated to all the must have apps. What about those apps that you were quick to purchase, but seldom if ever use? I love loading up my Treo, but I realize that I have wasted some money along the way...

    Novii Remote (I even upgraded.)
    Ace's Texas Hold'em (I want to play, but never do.)
    Scrabble (Again, I had the best intentions...)

    Edit: I finally started playing Hold'em and love it...
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    Jot - use the keyboard.
    But the biggest waste is WordComplete (causes Blazer to crash).
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    AOL's AIM (reset-loop city for most people)
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    I REALLY REALLY want to start using Audible again but I fell off that wagon and can't seem to get back on it. So its kind of a waste right now.

    Others include CheckSplit. C'mon, if you can't figure out what 20% of the bill is and divide by the # of people you're with then how the hell can you figure out how to use the Treo? Don't know what I was thinking.

    PerfectPitch helped me tune my guitar....once....

    ToDoNow looked great until I bought it without trialing it and realized no 5-way nav. Dumb.

    Oh yeah, I also tried that Novii Remote thing. I spent an hour setting up all my custom buttons and teaching it with my 6 other remote controls. Only to later realize that the IR port on the T600 has about a 2-3 foot range. Completely redonkulous.

    I know I've forgotten a slew of must-NOT-have apps that I've deleted from my Treo because it crashed and burned like a 1973 Ford Pinto but I can't remember them now. Very cool thread. Added it to my favorites so I can update when I come across Palm uselessness.

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