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    I don't beam cards often. tried to beam a contact and continued to ge "cannot initiate library".

    Please help if you know how to solve.

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    This can happen if you have another program that takes over the serial port settings such as a keyboard driver. Disable that program and IR should work.
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    yes I have a key board driver. It is not an IF keyboard, it is wired. HOw do I toggle it off and on?

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    The keyboard driver should be listed in you launcher. Tap on it and it should give you the option to toggle it on or off. I used the Palm 600 keyboard and that is how it worked.
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    Dear Zvandiver,

    Thank you very much. Works like a charm although I had to use the stylus to tap the off in my T600. Couldn't make keyboard it self work.

    Thanks again. You solved a problem that I would never have figured out.

    All the best,
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    I went through a similar experience and even did a hard reset and restore before I figured out what was happening. Glad to help.
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    im new to all this what exactly is beaming a business card ? sorry for the ignorance
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    There is an option in the contacts app for designating one contact as your business card. Select your name, go to edit-record-select business card.
    After you set your business card, you can beam it to another Palm or IR device. It is an easy way to swap contact info with another person.

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