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    after long and extensive research it looks that i will be joining the treo ranks after all. Two drawbacks were holding me back from purchasing a treo.

    1) Cingular (my carrier) to finally offer the 650
    2) the question of wi-fi capability

    my 2yr old son got hold of my Motorola T720 and thought that it would look good in the bottom of a glass of soda (pepsi non-caffeine). One thing that I learned is to do your homework on these type of things as I thought that my T720 was cutting edge a year or so ago. So i wanted to make sure that technology was not gonna pass me by again. Cingular is now set to offer the 650 in the coming weeks and a wi-fi device has finally been introduced. I look forward to our discussions.
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    Even I have a two year old and also a treo - and I pray that 2-year-olds dont like the sight of a treo in a glass of soda. I better watch out.

    Dude, Welcome (to the world of treo's and 2 year olds)

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