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    My 300 died and Sprint gave me a 600. I could type email and letters on the 300 while riding the train, but this 600 is difficult to type on. Anyone else having that problem? The keys seem stiff and I am having trouble finding the right button. I love the functionality, but I had become pretty dependent on the 300's keyboard and didn't realize it. My productivity is going down.
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    For what it's worth, I came from a 300 to the new 650, and I'm finding my typing is going down a little because of how close the keys are to each other. I actually used on-screen Graffiti (using RecoEcho+) more than the 300's keyboard, but I was fairly proficient with the keys. My problems on the 650 are usually double keys. The 300 being wider, I think, had something to do with how well its keyboard being used.
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    Your right. I noticed the same thing. the 600 and 650 keyboards suck big time. It's almost impossible to use them efficently.

    I miss my treo 300
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