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    I've had about ten Palm devices, and they've done everything except
    map the human genome, but the single, simple thing I've always wanted
    to do always s*$*#@cked. I have a text file with 11,000 names and
    addresses. I just want to store it in the thing and be able to search it.

    I've used every reader and tool I can imagine, including search engines
    and the like, and putting it in Word and various other formats. It always
    takes too long to synch or too long to search or too long to enter or too
    long to start up.... you get the idea.

    What do folks recommend for this? No fancy fonts, no tedious typing, no
    waiting thirty seconds to find a name, no splitting it into umpteen records
    for separate memos.....

    Just wanna' put a text file on my Treo 650 with 128MB SD card and
    be able to search through it FAST.

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    A couple of ideas:

    1. HTML it. you can add some anchors at the beginning of each section, assuming that there is some planned grouping (alphabetical), then put links to those section headers at the top of the listing

    2. make it tab-delimited or comma-separated and use a spreadsheet application
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    You might try Mobile DB, it imports various formats and is searchable. You can get it at
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