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    I regularly sync my treo 600 via IR. Until today it worked just fine. Now
    when I sync my XP Pro laptop states that another computer is nearby and I
    can send it files. It never did this in the past, it just recognized another
    ir device and I could then hotsync. When I press the hotsync button on my Treo 600 it states that it can not sync because the port is in use by another application. How do I get this to not send files, but be setup to hotsync?

    Any thoughts?
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    If you have it installed, turn off the external keyboard driver.
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    A soft reset of the Treo might help as well.
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    My treo has been doing the same thing, if anyone has an answer I would appreciate as well.

    Also, if there is a www for great software for the 650 I would also like this.

    And for next Christmas I want ....


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