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    Anyone using this software?
    Is there anyway for me to utilize this software with my treo 650?

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    I've used S&T 2001 and MapPoint 2004. They're pretty much useless as far as "integration with PalmOS" goes, because, suprise, they are designed to integrate with (read: sell) PocketPC devices.

    That said, you could probably save a set of text directions as a document and sync it into your Treo; alternately, if you have a map view-based route, you could save the image of the map and maybe view it on your Treo with a scrolling graphic viewer (there are bunches around, like SplashPhoto, etc.).

    If you want integration with Palm, I've heard that Delorme's Street Atlas is the way to go, though I've not tried it.
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    That is correct, MS Streets & Trips will work only with PPC. If you use a PC at home or work, you could always VNC into that computer and run the program that way. Then you would have real time dynamic trip information, rather than saving as a text file. Hope that helps.
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    I use ST2005 all the time and what I do, I make the map of where I'm going while I'm still home and upload it to my website. I then browse out to my site on my Treo and view the map that way.

    Only works if you know where you're going ahead of time, though.

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