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    Imagine my horror.

    After months of work, hundreds of updates, and over 770 Visors received, my poor log has been summarily deleted.

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    Well, time to start a new one then :-)

    Date Ordered: 2/14/00
    Date Arrived: 2/18/00
    Place: Xenia, OH
    Shipping: Express
    Shipped: Express
    Color: Graphite
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    Perhaps, but I won't be maintaining it.

    I can't believe that after so much work (on everyone's part), VisorCentral's staff would simply delete the topic without comment.



    BTW - I have the data from the old log in MS Access. If anybody would like it, I'll be happy to send it via e-mail.
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    This is a shame, but I've noticed the website has been down sporadically today, with some non-functioning links as well. Perhaps there was an issue, and is trying to restore the site ASAP.
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    I don't know why anyone would delete it. I'll check with Marcus to see if we can get it back. It would be a shame to lose it; you could see a real improvement in shipping times.

    James Hromadka
    Personal Website:
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    Yes, that was truly beautiful work. Hopefully there's a backup somewhere.

    Eugene Hsieh
    Editor, VisorCentral FAQ
    Come visit my homepage.
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    yes I am also sorry to see it gone. I have used it as evidence of improvement by Handspring to convince some friends of mine to purchase Visors but were turned off by all the negative comments that seem to occupy this board.
    I hope it can be returned or if sdavida cannot maintain it, then at least the graphs or links to them be made available.
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    Still haven't found any explanation for why the post is gone. On monday I will go through the raw data that makes up the discussion board, and see if I can find any remains of the post in there.

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    Perhaps it got too long?
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    Ordered 2/15/00
    Received 2/18/00
    Place Atlanta GA
    Shipping Express
    Shipped Express
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    I used the log as well. I did not want to wait too long for a PDA, so I did a very bad thing....purchased a Palm Vx for myself...checked this LOG and saw that they were shipping the Visor's in about 5.21 days. I knew then it was time to give the Palm Vx to my girlfriend and get a Visor.

    It came in 4 days :-)
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    If it's gone for good, that would be a real shame. I, too, used it to show people how things were improving.

    Then again, with the Visor about to hit retail, maybe it's a moot point since most people will probably go the "touch-and-feel" route now.

    It was nice while it lasted, though...

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    It looks like you may have resolved the speed issues that have plagued this site recently, congrats.

    Have you had a chance to look into the missing log?

    If you can recover it, I'll update it.

    And BTW, I'm sorry that I jumped to the conclusion that it had been purposefully deleted. I have a tendency to flame first, and ask questions later. I am seeking professional help.

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    I ordered my visor on Febuary 19th and recieved it today! I ordered a visor deluxe blue with a serial cradle and backup module! I am very happy with the far anyways Customer service also seems to be good even though they did have problems in the beginning!
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    AWESOME!!! I ordered my on 2/21 (president's day) and got it on the 24th That's THREE business days I ordered just a BVD!! Keep up the good work handspring :
    : :How come some people are still experiencing delays?: :
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    Ordered Graphite VDX 2/21 rec'd 2/25 (express shipping)

    Ordered Graphite Visor 2MB 2/17 w/ serial cradle, not received as of 2/25 6:43 p.m. Pacific...

    Of course, I ordered the VDX to replace the 2MB and I didn't order another serial port because I figured I'd get the one with the 2MB first. Now I must wait to sync. Murphy's Law in action!!

    has anyone seen the FedEx driver?
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    Ordered: October 6, 1999
    Received: NEVER
    Credit Card Charged: Jan 5, 2000
    Date Shipped: NEVER

    Now is that lame or what?????
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    I ordered my Visor Deluxe through a friend in the US September 17. 1999. He has not yet received it... This must be the longest wait for a computer product EVER! I bought a PalmIIIc yesterday an plan to cancel my order for the Visor (complete with backup, flash and modem modules...).

    Sorry Handspring, this just doesn't measure up to the high standards set by Palm in terms of service and shipping.

    Anyone with a longer wait???
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    WHy doesn't someone contact the ultimate bulliten board homesite, and see if there is a maximum length? I'd bet there is...
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    Originally posted by D ev R ay 4Real:
    WHy doesn't someone contact the ultimate bulliten board homesite, and see if there is a maximum length? I'd bet there is...
    D ev R ay 4Real,

    I have a friend that follows another web site that uses the same software. He says that there are several topics that have "hundreds of pages". The received log had gotten to the unheard of (on VisorCentral) level of 18 pages, so I'm afraid that software limit is not the problem.

    I suspect that the "lost log" is the result of someone trying to "clean up" the discussion area, and simply deleting all topics started before some arbitrary date, not taking into account the last update date.

    The loss of the log coincided with a serious performance problem on this site, and the removal of other "older" topics, perhaps in a failed attempt to improve performance.

    I do miss the log; I used to look forward to updating it with new (and improved) data and charts.

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