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    I am excited to start a MoBlog with my Treo650's photos, and I am familiar with textAmerica, but unlike MOST of you mobloggers (you exhibitionists you ), I don't want any complete strangers having access to my pics.

    For instance, let's say my wife gives birth to a wonderful bundle of joy. I don't want anyone other than friends and family getting to my moblog pics.

    Or we are on the beach, I don't want weirdos seeing us in our swimsuits.

    Which MoBlogs out there are great, offer privacy (without other half naked folks' pics running vertically down the margins) and can even take video clips from our 650s in addition to photos? Oh and not too expensive. Heheh.

    Am I asking too much? Am I sounding like a prude next to all you harlets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markito
    Am I asking too much? Am I sounding like a prude next to all you harlets?
    Not at all.

    It sounds like you probably would like to try out

    They offer private blogs (while it's not password protected, you can make it private so it doesn't show up in the latest pics, random shots, etc.) which is only accessible if you know your blog name.

    .3GP extension (the extension of the video from the 650) is supported on the website also, however instead of a thumbnail of your initial shot, it shows the graphic of a reel, then you click it to watch the video.

    The company that runs it explicitly states that they do not own, nor have to right to publish your shots (unlike textamerica) and you can attach a Creative Commons license to your moBlog.

    I've used it for a while and like it a lot....and it's free.

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    Just signed up. Never really looked into this Blog stuff but then again, I am up to try new things. Thanks for the url link.
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    Thanks King, that looks just right.
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    No problem. The company that runs the site really seems to look out for their users, so I have no reason not to recommend them.

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    There is also or


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