I just purchased a Treo 600, and used the included CD to upgrade my Palm Desktop (I had been using a Palm M100 previously with a fairly recent version of Palm Desktop). Apparently the new Desktop Application that comes with Treo has renamed Calendar > Date Book, Contact > Address Book, and Tasks > To Do List, so when I updated the desktop it doubled these things up instead of integrating them.

I exported the info from my M100 desktop applications, and uninstalled the entire Palm Desktop. When I reinstall the palm desktop from the Treo CD everything looks good - just one set of applications now on the desktop - but when I try to import my *.dba, *.aba, *.tba, and *.mpa files, I get an error message saying that this is not a ___ ___ archive file, or the file is corrupt. Any thoughts about how to integrate these two without having to reenter all the information manually. Thanks.