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    brand new user i got ripped off for 250$ on ebay so i said f it and went and got a 400 dollar one and new plan[uuuggghhh] for x-mas..anyway im so heated i just would kindly ask for help to make my night a lil better pleeaaaasssseee!!!!!!!!all i want to do is get my music from itunes on my computer and get it to my treo 600.keep in mind im brand new to al this technology [just bought my first laptop 3 mos. ago] so take it easy on me i know very little about files,dloads etc...i know it said somewhere to browse with blazer but i dont know where it is or how to use it.ill be up allnight .trust me . i was waiting for 3 weeks from ebay and got an empty box so im taking the rest of the week off[2 much stress]please help.!?!any help is GREATLY appreciated...respect.
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    If you're wanting to play music you have purchased from iTunes, your most probable solution (inelegant as it may be) is to use iTunes to burn a CD with this music, and then re-rip the songs off the CD using a different tool that will save the newly ripped files in MP3 format (which PocketTunes, etc. can use).

    That's the quick answer. Part of the long answer, discussed at length elsewhere in these forums, is that the format of the songs you buy from the iTunes store (AAC) is proprietary to Apple, and they won't let it go; it has just as much to do with digital rights management as it does with money. In the end, the only things that support AAC files are - you guessed it - Apple iPods and the iTunes desktop software on your PC.

    Do a search on these forums with "itunes" and you'll get any number of threads explaining the problem and what others have done about it.

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    thanks 4 the info but i didnt buy them i burnt them into itunes with my own cds.just need to know how 2 transfer thanks.
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    I don't know how to get them into your T600 since I never had one (again, ask elsewhere), but here's how to get the files to MP3. This was done in iTunes 4.6.

    1. Start iTunes, and then click Edit/Preferences.
    2. From the dialog, select the Importing tab.
    3. Change the Import Using: value to MP3 encoder.
    4. Go to your Library, and find the song you want.
    5. Right-click on the song you want and select Convert Selection to MP3.
    6. When it's done, you'll (probably) find the MP3 version of the song in a folder that looks like the following:

    C:\Documents and Settings\[your_name]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Compilations\[name_of_source_CD]

    You may want to set the Import Using value back to AAC when you're done, or if you primarily pull tunes off CDs (and don't buy files from the iTunes store), you could probably just leave it at MP3, and then any song you rip from now on will be in the format your Treo can use.

    Good luck...
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    yeah thanks, i know how to change formats i just need to know how to get from laptop to treo
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    First of all either purchase an MP3 player from Real or download the free copy of Pocketunes from PalmOne when you register your Treo with them.

    Music files are not supported on the Treo's internal memory so if you don't have one already,buy a SD memory card, preferably with at least a 45X or 9 mb/s write speed. If you want a day's worth of music I'd recommend at least a 512mb card.

    The fastest way to move music to the card is with a $20 card reader-you can hotsync the music files but this is VEEEEEEERY SLOW.

    I don't remember exactly but the MP3's must be in placed in a specific folder aka directory in PalmSpeak.

    Hope this helps.
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    thank you very much for all your help i feel much better now...much love

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