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    As nobody knows when and if Verizon will offer the 650, I will skip that part of my question. Here is the other part:

    I have patiently waited for the 650 on Verizon network....but a job switch has me working for a large firm that uses the BB.....being that my family, etc. are all on Verizon plans, as am I, I do not want to switch providers. Any clue when the Treo 650 may have a BES client software so that I can get my corporate email? If not, any clue if and when the BB7100 will come out on the Verizon network?
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    From all other information that I can find, RIM and PalmSource are supposed to be releasing this at the end of 2004. Well it is the end of 2004 and I do not see any new news on this. The last bit of news that I have seen was from September when they gave the software to developers. I would suspect that it will be released sometime around late January or Feb. From what I understand it will be available directly from RIM and PalmSource.

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