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    New Treo / PDA owner - I want these icons and apps gone. They aren't listed in the delete function. What do I do? Thanks....
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    Those apps are in ROM, and you can't delete them. Your best bet is to move them to the unfiled category, or if you use a launcher like LauncherX or Zlauncher, you can but them in a separate tab or category and then hide it.
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    thank. i was afraid that was the answer. that really sucks.
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    While you can't physically delete them, you can somewhat hide them in the Apps launcher by assigning them to the "Unfiled" category.
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    Checkout the sound quality thread. Shadowmite released a hack for the rom uploader that will allow you to remove certain apps....
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    You can try JackFlash and JackSprat.

    JackSprat will remove programs in ROM but not sure if it works with the Treo!

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