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Think about this. They had to take pre-orders for the 650, and SHIP it to customers in the last week of November, all just to MEET their estimates for the quarter. What sort of bloodshed would there be if:

1) they shipped a week earlier and had to include a sizable percentage of returns in Q2?
2) Sprint said, hey, that Versamail is a POS. Fix it before we put this "BB killer" on shelves
3) the memory issue had leaked out a few weeks earlier and there were fewer pre-orders

Earnings would have been around .35-.45, and the stock price would be in the mid-high 20s right how.

That said, I believe in the popularity and the functionality of the Treo, and think that shareholders will be well rewarded long-term.
Personally I like VersaMail. I have to agree with the memory issue though.