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    So my sister purchased a Blackberry to use for email in her new job with a local news station and the job has fallen to me to integrate it with my IMAP email server. She had a choice between a Treo 600 and the Blackberry 7750, and she chose the latter because she got a big discount.

    The purpose of my post is two fold. First, to find out if anyone on this board (which I imagine is populated with tons of gadget freaks) knows if the Blackberry actually supports TRUE IMAP synching (folders, read/deleted email on the server, etc.) and to find out if the Treo 600 does support all this.

    In doing research I've been unable to find any example of the Blackberry doing actual IMAP synching. I've set it up to check the IMPA account on my servers and seen email, but I can't get it to actually synch anything. It seems like the webclient just downloads mail a la POP3 and you end up having to manage multiple email repositories (a total waste IMHO). I know I can do this with MS Exchange and RIM's server solution, but can I do it with normal IMAP?

    Regardless, does the Treo 600 do this without any issues? I found the website for Chatter and it seems to do EXACTLY what I'm looking for, so even if the Treo 600 doesn't natively support IMAP synching I guess I can solve it third party... is this correct? Are there downsides I'm not seeing to teh Treo 600 and IMAP email support?

    I've had trouble finding resources to answer these questions, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    It works faster than BB, the syncs are literally w/in seconds. Will be coming out of Beta in Q1 '05, and the tech support from Marc Blank is great. You should check out the Chatter discussion boards, which are loaded with information.

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