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    Quote Originally Posted by swsteckly
    If I could use my sprint phone on both sprint and verizon networks, I would cry sweet sweet tears of joy. The coverage that would bring around here would be outrageous.
    You can! I pay $5/month to use up to half of my minutes on VZs network at no additional charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan
    If you like your Sprint plan, I would re-up for two additional years if you can. That's what I intend to do anyway.
    I think you've got the right idea. If Verizon actually did acquire Sprint, your plan/pricing wouldn't change at all, especially if you had a contract. I believe they'd probably even let you continue to keep the same setup as long as you were willing to sign another contract. Contracts mean they are guaranteed to make money. I don't really see any benefit for the customer, but no disadvantage either. The only benefit would be that Verizon would rake in even more money than before. Do greedy people EVER wake up and say, "I'm gonna take a break from ruling the world"??
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    Quote Originally Posted by robber
    You can! I pay $5/month to use up to half of my minutes on VZs network at no additional charge.

    Is that voice only, or does it include data?
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    what would a sprint/verizon merger mean to palmone?

    is palmone nervous?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman6
    Is that voice only, or does it include data?
    Voice only, data is only on Sprint.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    Verizon operates on 800 MHz spectrum and Sprint on 1900 MHz (it was reversed in an earlier post).
    Good catch. Temporary dislexia on my part .
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    Quote Originally Posted by cue79
    Honestly, I don't think you should hold off. By the time any of this actually goes through, at least a year of your wife's contract will be gone. You may as well just do it - this whole thing is no reason to hold off on doing anything. Especially those of us with Treo's on CDMA network. I mean - I'm not going to go out and spend another 500-600 bucks just to get a phone for a different network just because a new carrier came in. VZ would be shooting itself in the foot if they started crazy changing rates and such.

    Sorry if that didn't make too much sense - not feeling so hot
    While I agree that it would take a long time for the deal to go through, my principles won't let me be a Verizon customer for any period of time. I try not to shop at WalMart unless I have no other choice for a product because of their **** poor business practices, and I won't be a Verizon customer for the same reason. They, and all of the other Baby Bell companies are the lowest common denomiator when it comes to fair business practices and competion. The only reason that I have them as my home phone right now is because I have an alarm system and no other land line provider in the area. As soon as a VoIP provider gets fax/alarm capabilty, which should be soon, I am gone.
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