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    just got my 650 and need some links to some cool addictive games!!
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    I like ShipHunt a lot.

    Warfare, Inc is excellent (like Warcraft)

    Vexed is a great puzzle game (free too)
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    get the apple emulator

    or the commodore 64 emulator

    Then get ultima IV

    Oldie but goodie that origin put out into public domain a few years back, now that the new 650 can actually run the emulator (needed the high res screen) you can enjoy this game on the road.
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    But don't come complaining if you are hooked and need to go to rehab

    Monopoly for palm OS is fun too..
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    any more
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    insaniquarium is cool.
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    Bejeweled 2! This game is my nemesis...I sat at my desk at work and started playing this at 5pm, next thing I knew, it was 9pm and everyone else had been gone for 4 hours! LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolkiT
    But don't come complaining if you are hooked and need to go to rehab
    I'm gonna have to try this game. Everyone says the same thing you are saying about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    oh hellz yeah!
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