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    After connecting to Sprint and sending pictures, there is no way (that I can see) to easily disconnect from the network. I must turn my Treo 650 off and back on again to break the connection. I can the possibility for leaving the connection open and burning a lot of minutes!! Is there a way (like in Versamail with the disconnect menu option) to disconnect directly? Thanks!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobFake
    leaving the connection open and burning a lot of minutes
    There aren't any per minute charges unless you don't have a Vision plan. Also, regardless of plan, data minutes are not the same as call minutes.
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    Go to Prefs | Network and tap/select the Disconnect button at the bottom of the form.

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    Got it!! Thanks!!
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    I use Treo600 Connection Manager which disconnects me from the network connection after a specified amount of time or upon an amount of time after exiting specified app(s). I was not worried about billing charges but more concerned with possible lost phone calls or emails due to the network being 'stuck' open for any extended period of time. Not sure if works with the 650.

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