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    I have all my data and apps well backed up with BackupBuddy and the VFS version. Everything is backed up in SD, as well.

    However, after I had to do a hard reset away from my computer, the basic apps were left on my Treo 600. I did not see anyway to restore the apps and data from SD with just the basic apps. How can I do it without hotsyncing to my home computer?
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    put the sd card in the treo, change your apps view to the card, and you should see backup as one ofthe apps (if you installed to the sd cardwhen prompted way back when) IN backup click the restore button. IF you do not have backp installed on the sd card all is not lost. Use an external reader, or filez on the treo, to open up the sd card. All of your backups are in palm\backup folder. On an external reader you can move them to hotsync, or on the filez, just chose to copy all of them back to ram. YOu may run into some failures to copy since some files may be open. You can also try to copy the backupvfs prc file to palm\launcher on the card. I dont know if this will work after the fact though, since it may not "know" there are backup files there already. If this is the case, make a backup copy of the backup folder, run a backup from the card, then move the original backup files over to the backup folder and restore.

    OK, this was pretty confused...if you need clearer instructions, respond with detailed questions and Ill see what I can do....

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