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    I am ebaying my 600 at the moment and a bidder has a question. Here it is.

    "is the phone unlocked and what are the esn and serial numbers on it?"

    Now it's Sprint so I know the unlock part is irrelevant. I am wonering why anyone asks for esn and serial number. I have ebayed many phones in the past and never been asked this before. My scam alert is going off. Am I crazy?
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    the person may be a GSM user and trying to cross reference with his carrier if the unit is stolen. You may want to explain the Sprint CDMA/GSM difference
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    I was asked the same question many times when selling my 600. I replied that I was advised by sprint to not release the esn until payment was completed. That is actually what sprint told me when I called and asked. You would probably be ok but I just told the people that asked me that I was protcting myself and to please feel free to check my feedback and email anyone that has transacted with me. If they don't understand erring on the side of caution then you don't want to do business with them. Worked for me and we got a good price.

    good luck!
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    thanks guys. He emailed again and asked if it was activatable. I gave them your response Dutch. Thanks buddy.
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    glad to help
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    years ago there was a way to "steal" a phone number by programming the esn to another phone - ie, make your calls for free because they go to someone else's bill.

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