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    waht are some of the major things i need to know. i got the unlimited data plan wiht hopes that the price will be reduced soon. also the lady that just sold me mine gave me a extra 50 off due to the fact she just got a email saying that next week they will be reduced? any and all guidence would be great. it was dead at the store so i am still waiting to get a good charge on it so i can start my playing!!!
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    Look at the FAQ section here. There is a lot of software to enhance the phone abilities of the Treo 600, but you'll need to play with Treo before you know what features you think are missing.
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    Striper, you you need to checkout as much as you can on this site. These threads have everything you could ever want or need for your T600. Welcome to the club.
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    I agree that this place rocks.. but i still dont know where to begin.. it is all just a little overwelming!!!
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    There isn't much that these treos wont do. Maybe compile a list of things you'd like it to do and someone will have an app that does it.

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    Striper, whatever you want to look for or know about go to 'search' and just type it in. You'll find a lot of info, so just dig in. Have fun!
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