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    Please excuse this newbie question, but I currently have T-Mobile GSM service and have not seen when they will begin servicing the Treo 650 (they do currently service the Treo 600). I have seen another posting in this forum mentioning that you could pull your GSM card from your current T-Mobile phone and slide it into a Treo 650 purchsed directly from Palm.

    My questions:
    1- Has anyone heard/seen/verified a date that T-Mobile will begin supporting/seling the Treo 650?

    2- Is the procedure as easy as described to use a 650 purchased from Palm with my T-M GSM card?

    3- Will/might there be any features deactivated/limited by doing this switch.

    I notice on the Palm website when purchasing a Treo 650 that it specifically sales Treo 650 with Sprint, even when specifying that I am not buying the Sprint service.

    Thanks to all thoughts/advise.

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    1. as of now, t-mo will not be carrying the 650.

    2. if you buy an unlocked (preferbably un branded also) gsm phone, all you have to do is put in our sim card and it will work.

    3. nope. i use an unbranded and un locked 600 on t-mo with no issues.

    4. there are currenly no gsm 650 available.
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    My dilema....I have been a SprintPCS customer for 5 years...good service and coverage works well for me. I use a Treo 300, email works well and wanting to upgrade. I travel internationally (3 - 4 times per year) and use an unlocked GSM Nokia and buy a local SIM card in each country I visit. Question, is it possible to buy a Sprint Treo 650 (does it have a SIM card?) and use it when I travel overseas, downloading messages with an international SIM card? or is that beyond reason!...or is someone else coming out wiht 650 with SIM card and I can take chances on their US coverage?
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    No SIM card on CDMA phones (Sprint and Verizon). Cingular (GSM, ergo SIM) is rumored to be the next carrier to offer the 650.

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