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    I am wondering if the Treo needs to be connected to carrier for WEB sync all the time? I was told by a Verizon sales person that if I bought a Treo and did not opt for the 49.00 WEB package the Treo would call a blank number every 25 seconds thus running up my phone call minutes. He told me that you could not shut off the Treo from WEB update. This doesn't seem right to me. I really don't need the WEB sync ( I really don't want to get Email on my phone). I ask if I could select the WEB service (4.95 a month) and he said that I could to surf the WEB however, I would still have the Treo trying to WEB sync every few seconds using up my minutes.

    I only want to have a phone and PDA in one package. I sync to my desktop every day and that is enough for me.
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    Although I'm new to this forum (and to the Treo 600), this may help. I got the $49 Verizon WEB package and do check/send e-mails & browse the web. However, when I complete those tasks, I always disconnect. I prefer to be on the safe side, at least until I see my 1st bill. Good luck .....

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