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    But now my cell phone smells GOOD!!
    Question for TommyB: how long should I deep the phone in alcohol? 5 seconds, one minute...? Second question: I am trying to open the phone: I undid all the torx screws but it doesn't open yet. What do I have to do? Third question: where can I buy a new Treo 650 inlocked phone? Paul.
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    The original solution posted was interesting. Since little Silica Gel packs are probably a pain in the arse for must of us to obtain, you can also use desicant. A chemical 'pouch' that can usually be found in gun stores. Does the same thing...absorb moisture.
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    It seems my Treo got a little waterlogged after sitting in a very small pool of water from a sweating drinking glass. At first it was just acting a little crazy -hitting a button didn't always do what it was supposed to do, but now it has just stopped working. I've read around here that people have been successful in drying them out, so I'm still hopeful that I can recover it and get it back to normal.

    I'm not exactly sure what to do though. I guess I was just going to take it apart and let everything dry (you can actually see a little water in the screen). Anyone have any hints, warnings or other suggestions before I go ahead and do this?
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    The best place to source silica gelpacks from is your local pharmacy - just tell them what you will doing and they will give you a handful - FREE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PCSCURT View Post
    Your Treo Gets Wet. Via a pool, glass of beer, god forbid a toilet, fix it now.

    I don't gurantee this will work for everyone, but it's worked in the past on multiple phones. Now this may be hard for someone with a unreplaceable battery, but still may work.

    1. Treo Gets Wet - Do not power on, do not fiddle with
    2. Immediately Place in tupper ware container, and no do not microwave it
    3. Find a pack of Silca Gel. Those little white bags that you get with new coats, suits, pants, and electronics.
    4. Place the silca gel pack in the tupper ware container and the handset.
    5. Seal shut and do not open for atleast 24 hrs.

    The silca gel pack will try to absorb the moisture inside the tupperware container. Taking all the water out of your dear old treo. Now don't power it on because any power through the board may short and ruin things inside. The number one reason phones die when they go in water, is people trying to turn them back on, and leaving moisture inside the phone which will corrude and oxidize all over the board.

    Hopefully this never happens to your treo....but if it does, try it, it's worked before for many people.

    This works.... My wife dropped her treo 650 in the lake and it was under water for at least two mins. I first took the battery/memory card/sim card off the phone. I then used a can of compressed air to blow the phone as dry as I could. I then went to target and took the gel packs from new shoe boxes (about 20). I then put treo 650 in tupper ware with the gel packs for two days. I then put all the parts (battery/memory card/sim card) back on the treo and put it on the charger. I charged it a few hours can on on it's on. The screen was a little blury but everything worked. I backed it up right away and now the phone works just fine. THIS WORKS!!!!!!!
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    Gel Packs to the rescue one more time !
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    I remember when I drop my 650 in the toilet. I must have let it sink for about 3 seconds from the initial shock LOL but a blow dryer worked great for me.
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