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    ok, so i by accident got water on my new Treo.. i spilled water in my purse & the treo was in there, now there is water in the screen....

    i went to verizon, water damage is not covered in the warranty.

    so they told me to "dry it out" by putting it near a radiator... thus far it hasn't worked...

    i'm pretty much bugging out.... any advice on how to dry it out completely? or how to screw Verizon into giving me a new phone?
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    Don't panic. I will assume you have already pulled your battery out. Do a search here and you will find several people have got their Treos wet, some very wet. Read what they have done to solve the problem. The biggest problem to avoid is having the water leave a stain on the screen once it is gone. This happens if the water was dirty and evaporates leaving a residue. I recommend using a dessicant. A dessicant is a drying agent that has an affinity for water and will draw any nearby water to itself. You commonly find it in little bags packed with electronics and some foods. You should be able to find some at hobby or craft stores or maybe even some hardware stores. There are probably other sources that I haven't thought of. Do a search on the internet using dessicant and the name of your city.

    You can also put a hair dryer on a low heat setting, pull your SIM and SD cards out and blow hot air through the openings.

    Whatever method you use be patient and let it keep drying several hours after the last traces of water are gone from the screen as there may still be water in other important places.

    Good luck.
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    For the final touch in drying it out:

    Find two or three of those silica packets that come in shipping cartons, put these and the Treo in a sealed ziplock for two days on a sunny window ledge.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    FYI I spilled red wine on mine which went under the screen. I opened the casing and removed a piece of the tape around the screen and used a vacuum cleaner to 'suck' the wine out. Leaving the rest of it to dry or use a dessicant is a great idea for the rest of the unit.
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    Theres a great thread in this section someone posted who ran their treo through the washer or something... he ended up taking it all apart and drying it out. Pretty sure he posted pics if I recall and tips of his experience. Good news is, his treo was working without issue when everything was said and done.

    i think it was posted a couple mo ago. good luck!
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    Water damage on electornics:

    1. Take battery out right away
    2. Dry for 2-3 days. It takes this long for all the internal components to dry out completely.
    3. Your device still works.

    I've put more than a few devices through the wash and in the sink...
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    These are all such wonderful tips.

    Being the Queen of Klutz's this will help me tremendously if (well, most likely when) I get water all over it.

    Ya'll rock.
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    yea... biggest rule of thumb to anyone who gets any electronics wet- remove any and all power sources immediately and let it dry out completely before plugging it / putting the battery back in.

    Those silica packets Perry mentioned are your best friend to accomplish this to btw.
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    Yesteray in a restaurant I gave my 650 to my wife than, since a little drunk, dropped it in a glass full of beer of a friend of mine....I pulled it off a second later. Now everything seems to work but some buttons (enter key, volume key, little button below the volume key) and when I try to turn the phone on it says: "Not enough power to activate the phone". I charged it all night and thereis the same problem. Of course it is out of warranty for one month (I got it on S. Patrik day 2005). Any suggestion? Thank you, Paul.
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    Only suggestion would be to remove battery immediately and let dry out for a few days. Once you turned it one, whatever damage was to be done, was done. Might have soem luck still with the dry out tho.
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    I spilled beer on my first Treo and I soaked up the liquid whilde knocking the unit against my palm to lossen and release the fluid. After a day of malfunction I called for a replacement since my keyboard was going crazy. By the time the replacement came I had two working Treo's. Time is a wonder when it comes to liquids.

    Right now my Menu key is stuck, won't click won't half work and I've got to go get some rubbing alcohol to try and hopefully lossen it it with a few drops.
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    Good lord, WHY do people IMMEDIATELY try to turn on something that was just dunked in liquid??? Must still be drunk.

    I don't know if beer is corrosive, but if it is, you are screwed. First thing you should have done is taken out the battery, then rinsed the Treo out in distilled water, then let it dry for days until it was completely dry, even take the case apart to make sure it got dry all the way inside.

    And even with that, it's possible the battery was damaged and might need replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    WHY do people IMMEDIATELY try to turn on something that was just dunked in liquid??? Must still be drunk.
    Khaytsus, I think it's called panic, plus everybody's not a walking problem solving Treo/electronics expert. That's what the forums are for.
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    do you think I can try to open the case and clean better the inside and let it dry better since it is open? I am pretty handy, so .... an I going to destroy it or will I be able to open it and close it back? Paul.
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    Plus I have some beer still in the back of the screen (like those games for babies...) How can I access it?
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    I want to know something, does your treo work faster when it is dunked in beer? After u got it going again thru the dry out method! Just kidding!
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    er..., what did you do to the w---?

    I'm only asking since this thread was begging for it.
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    MY general cure all for electronic disasters has been isopropyl rubbign alcohol. When i dropped my old samsung phone into the toilet i first washed it off then i went home and dunked it into a full cup of alcohol, and immediately shoock it dry then went at it with the blow dryer. once I thought it was completely dry i left it on the windowsill(summertime) for 2-3 days till the last droplets of condesation dissapeared from the screen and it was good as new.
    The ATT logo got partially erased from the phone due to the alcohol but i wasnt all that crushed by it.

    Same deal when a beer got dumped on my friends laptop. Drained as much as I could, removed the keyboard, rinsed/drained it with alcohol then blasted it with the blowdryer, good as new. Yes the alcohol is a solvent (it will remove painted lettering on keys and such if you let it sit/rub) but it also will clean any impurities in the inital damaging liquid and it evaporate ALOT faster than water or other liquids.
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    Anyway: what about the battery: should I replace it for real?
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