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    Okay this may seem like a silly question, but is there such a thing as a Palm uploader similar to the Sprint uploader for ringers and images? I used palm for years without the web and went to PPC and am now back with Palm again. If I see an app or a zip that I would like to upload to my palm, say an uploaded midi ringer in zip file format, is there a way i can use some sort of uploader to put it on my Treo? Besides emailing it to myself?

    I ask because I am at work and I dont synch on this computer, but I see files online for ringers and even PRC files from other sites but they are in zip format as well. I can unzip them on my desktop at work fine, but then i always have to wait til i get home to get them on my Treo. Is there some sort of uploader i can just attach the midi or prc file to and have it save it on the web temporarily until I download it? Did that make any sense?
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    Blazer with Handzipper will handle that for you. Blazer will download the file and Handzipper will unzip it and give it to the installer.
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    A few clarifications:

    To download different file types like zip, mp3 etc, you need to have an app installed that is the default handler for those file types. Thus handizipper/LightNZip for zip files, Ptunes for mp3 etc. Usually these apps automatically register themselves with the palmos file extension manager and when you download them, blazer automatically hands them off to the appropiate app. Unfortunately, this does not work so well sometimes as evidenced by many posts on the forum (just do a search)...

    To fix these problems, there are a couple workarounds. The first one is to get a file extension manager like Media Manger from Toysoft or Receiveit that allows you to specify and customize your default file type extensions. This seems to work fine... However the much more EASIER method imo is just to get Webpro (patched or not) browser for your Treo. Webpro is not as 5-way friendly as blazer, but is MUCH MUCH nicer for downloads apps from the web and I use it all the time! It allows your to directly download any file to the card without having to worry about file extension nonsense. For example, just download any zip directly to card and then unzip latter with LightNzip and your done!
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