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    I currently own a Palm m505, and I wanna upgrade to the Treo because I'm looking for all-in-one solution (cell+PDA+GPS system) and I think the treo with Mapopolis as am add-on would be my best choice. I went into a cell phone store to take a look at the Treo & its features; I have a couple of concerns;

    1- the keyboard is very crowded & I found myself having some hard time trying to enter text or even dial a phone # at a reasonable speed (as I used to in my palm), the keys are too small. so is there another way to enter text into the Treo (like graffiti using the stylus or somethin)?

    2- what are the pros & cons of getting the treo + mapopolis vs. buying a seperate GPS solution (TomTom Go or the Garmin 2620)? besided the cost issue. are you guys facing any problems with the stability, maping & directions or with the Treo screen size while using the GPS system?

    I appreciate your input guys.
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    I don't own a Treo (yet), but I do use Mapopolis with my Tungsten T3 currently, and plan to do the same with my Treo.

    On issue 1, many people find that they quickly get used to thumbboards, and get proficient at email, etc. using them pretty quickly. Trying a Treo for a few minutes in the store might not be a good indicator for how you'll like it over time. However, you can use Graffiti on a Treo with an add-on util like Graffiti Anywhere or TealScript. Also, keep in mind that the Treo dialer app makes it very easy to dial numbers without the thumbboard. I've tinkered with other folks' Treo 600's, and the dialer app does seem to make the thumbboard unnecessary for making calls.

    As for question 2, I prefer to do GPS through my PDA (and my PDA/phone combo, when I manage to acquire a Treo) because of the various situations where I use it. Driving, walking around an unfamiliar city, showing someone in a meeting where a particular location can be found. The Treo 650 has the same resolution as my T3 (when it's closed), and mapping apps are perfectly usable on it. On a Treo 600, I think it would border on unusable because of the lower resolution (160x160 rather than 320x320). The TomTom and Garmin standalone GPS solutions seem nice in general, but I like the option of picking my mapping software and running it on my PDA platform, rather than having an embedded mapping tool that can't be upgraded or replaced without replacing the GPS device as well.

    The main issue I think you'll have with the Treo 650 and GPS is the storage of maps because of the limited memory on the Treo. Mapopolis nicely reads maps stored on SD cards, with some startup overhead as the price. Searching for locations takes a bit longer, too, though not painfully so (at least with my current SD card).
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    did you use the keyboard like you'd use it on a PC or did you 'thumbtype'?
    I've got pretty big thumbs and I never had any problems thumbtyping on any device.
    so unless you have huge thumbs (yeti style ) you should be OK with the keyboard.

    as for the GPS.
    Biggest pro's are that if you allready have a PDA with BT you save money over buying a dedicated GPS sollution.
    Also you can place the GPS receiver where it has best reception (some windshields block the GPS Signal)
    Downside is that it is not waterproof and a bit cumbersome if you are on foot..
    (so if you plan to go geocaching get yourself a cheap etrex too )
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    Thanks for the input guys. well, I can't get the Treo 650 now because I have my cell phone provider as T-mobile, so I was thinking about getting an unlocked Treo 600 and simply use my SIM card with it. now my understanding from the many reviews that the Treo 650 has a much better resolution and also a kind of better keyboard with easier typing than the Treo 600. so do u think I should wait a couple of months till I can get an unlocked GSM Treo 650 to use it with my T-mob service? right now the unlocked GSM T600 costs around $350-400 on eBay.

    Thanks guys.
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    If you can wair, I'd say it is worth it.
    I know I am..but I have been spoiled with Sony Clie's hires screens so going back to 160x160 wasnt an option for me..
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    is there any news around regarding any expected release of the Treo 650 GSM version, or a Treo 650 with carriers other than Sprint? I am basically looking for an unlocked GSM phone because I will be travelling and want to be able to use it worldwide.
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    nope, I'm waiting for the exact same thing..
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    so I guess we will just have to wait then! I hope it won't be for a long time.
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    My guesstimate is second week of January...
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