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    My wife wants to start using my old treo 90.(She'll be a palm newbie) Im very happy since she'll soon want convergance with her cell phone and graduate to my treo 300 and I'll have no choice but to upgrade to a 600 or 650. Anyway, can anyone help me accomplish #3 below?

    1. She will hot sinc the treo 90 with our family computer using the standard palm desktop software.

    2. I will continue to hot sinc my treo 300 with my office computer using the standard palm desktop software.

    3. I want to hot sinc on the family computer as well but I want only family calander enteries, and I want them on a separate calander than my dtbk which came with the treo 300.( ie I want separate work and family calanders, each hot sycncing with a separate computer.)

    Hope this question made sense. Thanks to ALL who respond

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    You need an app called Dualdate:
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    You can also try Key Suite from Chapura.

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