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    Does anyone have any idea how many contacts the Treo can hold per MB. I currently have approximately 500 contacts and need to add a lot more. Also, is it possible to place all of my contacts on my sd card? If I use the sd card, will I be able to click on a phone number and have Treo automatically dial it? Thanks for the information.
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    I have over 2,204 contacts and they take 322kB, so 1MB would hold about 7,000 contacts. This is on a 600 - the well-documented memory issues on the 650 mean these contacts will take a lot more space on a 650 (one reason I will wait for the next generation...).

    No need for storing on an SD card (which is not possible anyway, as far as I know).

    I also use KeyContacts and the same number of contacts (with a lot more information) take up 485kB.

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