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    I know this is a strange post, but I'm buying a treo 600 from someone. I don't really trust him and I asked him to send me a picture taken with the treo 600
    He send me this:
    It looked like a damn fine picture, while the treo 600 cam isn't that good.
    But I have no treo so can someone check if it is possible?
    I'm not in the mood to be ripped off...
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    Hrm, you should ask him to take a picture in low light. The treo600 has a rather distinctive problem with blue dots appearing along the edges in dim lighting, that would do a fine job proving that it is a Treo 600.
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    That could be a Treo 600 picture, but as Tekara said, in low-light, the Treo 600 blows.
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    According to "Irfanview" the image has:

    == 16,7 Million (24 BitsPerPixel)

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    Well, seems like he's trustable after all. He send me this picture today, I think I'm gonna transfer the money
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    Those both look like Treo 600 pictures to me.
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    a scam
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    That looks like a 650 camera pic
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    Why don't you simply try a much more logical approach? Ask him to take a picture of the Treo 600 itself in the mirror. If he tells you he doesn't have a mirror or just refuses, it's a scam. A good seller will always go to great lengths for a potentially serious buyer. Always keep that in mind.
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    yeah, I already transfered the money, but thanx for the advice.
    He said he send the package today, so I'll just have to wait and see.
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    i'd always go with ebay or some "reliable" way to get a treo...
    i'd only go with private sales if it isn't a lot of money, or it is a local deal
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    yes, the pic looks right, one thing to note though, the pics are only good with lots of light, that's why this one looks good. they don't have the crisp edges, but they are decent snapshots. i just had one printed on a mug for christmas and it looks fine.

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