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    New to forum, so please excuse me if this is not posted in right discussion. Just got new Treo 600 several weeks ago. Overall working very well, but minor annoyance with calender/appointment option. Seems that if I enter an appointment at a given time on a given day it often (not always) ends up later appearing as a duplicate posting on several subsequent days. Anyone else having a similar problem and more importantly, know how to correct it?
    Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    What calendar app are you syncing it to? What package are you using to do the sync with?
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    As for the appointments, I've simply entered them on the keyboard on the phone. I've also noticed that about 75% of my "contacts" were also duplicated. I think the only synch I have done was the initial one that transfered all of my contacts from my old PDA (Palm V) to my Treo. I could swear that the duplication problem arose well after that , especially with respect to the appointments.
    Mark Hoy
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    do you have an old copy of wesync or yahoosync on your syncing computer, I had problems with both of those, long ago.

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