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    I am fairly new to Treo. I am using Cingular as my provider. Can someone please tell me what "Edge" technology is and how it will effect my Treo using Cingular? Thanks.
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    There is a good link in one of the discussions about edge. Do a search and you'll turn up lots of info. Basically, it is high(er) speed data transmission. Most claims I've read indicate that it's only useful when using the phone or card as a modem for your computer (not faster data for your phone's browser). Also, there seems to be some disagreement about whether or not the Cingular Media Package ($19.95) includes EDGE. Some say it is, some say not. I've been told that EDGE is separate and costs $79.95/month. At roughly only 3X dialup speed, it won't be worth it to me, but if I get my 650 and find that it's included in my Media package, I'll be thrilled! Look up that thread with the link and it'll give you all the details about EDGE...
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    I am not a tech guy but I have been reading up on this a bit since I am a GSM customer and I want a faster data connection. Here is an overview from the Nokia website:


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