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    I've watched and read this forums for a little while and I have found answers to most of my questions, but this one baffles me.

    Over the past two months, I have installed numerous trial software and deleted them from my phone. I've also noticed my Treo crashed several times in the past week. That led me to believe that maybe one of the programs I deleted has left a file (or two) that may be conflicting with something else. So, I came on here to find out how to do the hard reset to wipe everything off and I will start over and load only the apps that I find useful. That worked just fine, except when I went to sync up with my PC to load my address book, it loaded EVERYTHING that was on the treo from the last backup....which means some possible leftover files.

    Is there a way to do the hard reset and then only load the info you want? Like maybe just the address book and not the email or vice versa??

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    I am pretty sure that all you need to do, is set your HotSync manager to 'handheld overwrites desktop'.

    NOTE: This deletes all other information on the desktop! Be sure to do a complete backup 1st, so that you can recover any lost data.

    Anyway, am sure that will do it.
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    Please excuse my ignorance, but how will it know what I want back on the treo? or will it load the addy book and other things by default.

    Kinda confused here.
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    best thing is to empty the backup folder from your desktop and store it elsewhere. then you can slowly start selectively retrieving the stuff manually (after a hard reset of'course). sort of. if you get what i mean.
    another option is to change your hotsync name and then again selectively reinstall the programs you assume to be clean.
    hope i haven't added to your confusion
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    Yeah..I see what you are saying on this..was hoping for an easier way.

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    Just do the same thing you did before, but before you hotsync rename your backup folder to "backupold" or something.

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