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    I am relatively new to Treo and have a question. Is there a way to leave my network connection on at all times? Now that I have unlimited data, it would really be convenient to leave it on so that I can receive e-mail and view the web faster. Thanks for the info.
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    Shouldn't it always stay connected to data, unless you disconnect? I know my GSM model does.
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    klam is correct. GSM models stay connected until you disconnect.
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    GSM models will disconnect after a certain time (determined by network). I know that my T600 Cingular does when on GPRS. What model do you have and who is your service provider?
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    What about the Sprint version. Does that stay connected?
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    My provider is Sprint. My Treo stays on for a while and then shuts off. Let me know if anyone knows of a remedy.

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