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    Hi people. As you all know 650 is not yet released in Europe and i just cant wait to buy it!

    I wanted to ask if anybody knows whats the price in States for unlocked one?

    Or maybe i should wait till the official release over Europe? As i know its about $500 locked, right? So unlocked must be around $650-700. But then when it comes here it might be around 900euros, im telling you. When treo600 was released it was about 800euros in Prague, Czech Republic... Damn..

    Need your advice. What should i do, buy it from States or wait till it comes here?

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    Hi Guys

    I have basically the same question. Normally I buy stuff overseas as I live in Bnagkok and stuff can be cheaper o/s. The problem I have is if anything goes wrong with it (like quite a lot if the threads on people with the 600 are anything to by). As it is both phone and PDA I really couldn't bear waiting weeks etc for repairs or replacments. What do you think? Anyone bought overseas for use in another country etc?


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