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    I'm trying to install Graffiti 1 on my 600. How can I install files that are on my computer directly onto my SD card? It warns me not to install them directly onto the 600, but onto the card first. My question is, how do I get these files from the computer onto the SD card? The directions I'm trying to follow to do this say to "put an SD card in the Palm, and use the Palm Quick Install tool to install the files". What's a "Quick Install tool"? Any help doing this or finding out what I'm missing in understanding would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken
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    Double click the .prc file, which will bring up the install tool. The default is to install it to your device. Select the file name (highlight it), then click the Change Destination button. On the new window that pops up, select the program name again and move it to the right hand box which represents the SD card. Click OK and you're done!

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    Thanks for the excellent directions on how to install files to the SD card. I followed these directions and was successful in getting Graffiti 1 to work on my Treo 600, and I'm very pleased to have an "old, familiar friend" back.
    Thanks, also, for the suggestion to only post once.

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