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    I ordered my 650 like many others on this site feeling that a preorder from palm one will be our best bet to get delivery as soon as they were available. I even got excited when an e mail went out the other day that stated they will begin to ship next week. I was shocked when i started reading that sprint had them and people were ordering them yesterday and having them delivered today. Never again will i get duped from the hype that palm one started with the preorder bs. I know it is only a phone and a couple of days wont make a big deal but i like to play with my toys when they first come out.

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    I'm with Fred.... This stinks. Palm sold us down the river. Where is my phone? Like any new product under demand - it should be released to all the same day and first come first served. This shows a lack of planning and lack of loyalty to those of us stupid enough to be loyal customers and early adopters.
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    Good grief, guys, get a life! You're really going to suffer because someone else gets a phone a couple of days before you do? Go outside, take a deep breath, and notice the scenery. Maybe take a long drive in the country. It's only a phone, for God's sake, not the second coming.

    FWIW, with the Treo (especially the 600 and later), you're looking at a new distribution model. The vast majority of cell phones are sold by the carriers, not the manufacturers. For that reason, the carriers call the shots. If Sprint tells P1 that they want first shot at shipping them, they're going to get the first shot. Period.

    Maybe Nokia is big enough to play hardball with the carriers, but every other phone vendor is at the mercy of the service providers. When the 650 was released, how it was released, and who released it first was dictated by Sprint, not Palm.
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    Chill out. Plenty of time for you to begin the long descent into new product disillusionment :-)

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