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    I would like to export-copy all the phone numbers that are on my phone to my SIM card. How do I do this please? I have treo 600 and T mobile service.

    many thanks.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $no$ $software$ $has$ $been$ $made$ $as$ $of$ $this$ $time$ $to$ $make$ $this$ $possible$.
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    SIM Card Backup 168 16KB Memory Storage Device $19.95
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    The SIM Backup gadget is great! I am tempted.

    The original question assumes a lot about what is possible to be stored on the SIM. SIM cards tend to come with rather small RAM content sizes and a variety of RAM sizes 32 and 64KB are common. You can store the name (a single field) and one number for each person. I think you can see the difficulty of allowing an export to SIM from a Palm OS address book. What do you export? and how do you deal with a full SIM card. Also how do you restore from the SIM card?

    Bottom line - I see it being possible to make an app that cherry picks your contact list for names you want to export. You then choose which number you want for that person to export. If you choose two numbers it would have to export the name for each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abarrios
    SIM Card Backup 168 16KB Memory Storage Device $19.95
    This is a backup for the SIM card not from your PDA contact list to SIM.

    " Easily backup your SIM data with the SIM Backup 168 Storage device! It features 16 KB internal memory, TN LCD screen, and is compatible with GSM mobile phone SIM cards. If your lose your phone or change service providers, you don't need to key in your address book again. Simply insert a new SIM card and restore your data. Save time and your data with this handy SIM Backup 168 Storage device. "

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