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    Hi, hope someone can help. When I go into some building or even put the unit in my briefcase the wireless connection will be stopped. I then have to 1. discover this, 2. re connect. This just started happening. Any suggestions to correct this would be appreciated.

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    Have you installed any software that may be turning the radio off? Next time this happens, go to the dialpad and dial ##377 and see when the last crash was. It might be that your phone is crashing without you know it. That command will also let you know what application caused the crash. That code works only with Sprint, but there is a comparable code for other providers.
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    The Sprint "always on" thing is very misleading. Mine often loses the connection for whatever reason and reconnects when I go to check email or other internet related things. I don't think there is anything wrong with your phone, it just doesn't stay connected well with a weak signal.
    I have the 600 right now.
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    Hmm, Cash, do you mean your telephone signal or the wireless data signal?
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    Thanks all. KR my phone signal. I have T mobile. Still happening.

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