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    Anyone know if Sprint has any plans to use EDGE technology?

    If so, when?

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    Sprint uses CDMA technology. To my knowledge EDGE is specific to GSM (Cingular, possibly T-Mobile). Sprint will use EV-DO technology in its next generation of data phones.
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    I see. So what does everyone think. Will the Treo 650 ever be using EV-DO, or is that more for whichever Treo come after the 650?
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    The 650 does dot have ev-do capability
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    Edge is basically equivelant to sprints currently available 1xrtt protocol. Roughly 80-150 kbps) UMTS (gsm) and Evdo (sprint/cdma) are true 3g platforms 300k bursting to over 2 mbps.

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    Really, so is Sprint's current service is about the same speed as EDGE? I thought EDGE was faster.

    So, if that's true, is pretty much the only benefit of GSM Treo 650 that you can use it abroad?
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    edge is slightly faster
    Ive got more Guns than you.
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    I doubt they will use edge.
    I hope they use evdo soon.
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    And I wonder how much it will cost.

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