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    Ok - here it is - a completely unbiased comparison of the Treo vs. Blackberry. My company sells both, so I'm trying to educate all the other sales people. We can get the BES, JP Mobile, Good, etc. Please send me your suggestions, or just update my chart and send to me at skaorsk8 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

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    the main thing is the blackberry is MUCH more reliable than the tro 600. the 650 i hope is much better. based on just skimming this site for the last 3 weeks convinced me not to even touch a treo 600. again, i hope the 650 is better, if it turns out to be then i may bite.
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    The Treo is very stable in it's nascent form but once you start installing third party programs you likely to run into conflicts. Same thing can occur with Windows or even Macs. This is the risk one must take to have access to 10,000 programs!

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