well heres the story...
i bought my treo in march 03 for $400 without the rebate. The manager of the sprint store friend bought the treo, and brought it back within the week to get the Kyocera 7135. i happened to come in when he did that, so he sold me the treo for $400, and did it as a sprint transaction.

So i get my treo 600 for the new account price without being with sprint for 18 monthes or resigning a 2 year contract. Couple downsides tho, the phone seemed to be a refurb when checking it with ##786. but didnt have anymore then 60-70 mins on it. But the phone worked perfectly up until 2 weeks ago.

fast forward to 2 weeks ago, my phone started doing the damn network search problem, so i took my phone to the sprint store, explained the serial number situation with the network search prob and they ran some test. the treo failed, and they ordered a replacement. 5 days later (they said 2 days ) i traded in my Handspring Treo 600 for a Reconditioned PalmONE unit. This unit did the same thing, but 100x worse, i couldnt even make or recieve calls anywhere without it dropping the call.

so i took it back today, explained the situation and they ran the tests on the replacement phone. it failed again, so i am expecint another 2 day wait for another treo. but sprint surprised me by the manager pulling a brand new treo unit out of their supplies and replacing it there on the spot... has a build date of late august . the screen looks way better, as well as the camera looking alot better too.

refurbed treo ----> another refurbed treo ---- > brand spankin new treo 600. should make it easier to sell when i get my PPC-6600 in a month

ps- backupbuddyVFS rocks! my treo was 100% restored in 30 seconds.... i highly recommend this product.