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    I currently have T-mobile (cheap plans, decent coverage, very good customer support/best in my opinion), but I want the new Treo 650 and can't decide if it's worth switching to Sprint for, or if I should wait until Cingular/ATT gets it(Edge!). I'm not sure what service is more reliable:Sprint with it's data plans(too bad the 650 is not EVDO!), ATT/Cingular with it's EDGE, or T-mobile with it's GPRS (I've heard that T-mobile will be getting EGDE in the Spring/Summer of 2005). How is the cellular service on Sprint and Cingular/ATT? The cellular service on T-mobile has been pretty good so far and cheap (3000 minutes for 49.99 and unlimited data for 19.99). I don't like how the call transfer on Sprints network works (can't hang up on only one party during a conference or call waiting) and I have no idea how this would work on ATT/Cingular. How do they handle it? Tmobile is pretty good about it, if you are on call waiting you can hang up on individual parties but if you are on a conference you must hang up on all . Why can't someone get this right? I use my phone primarily for business and this is a big problem. I understand it is a carrier based issue. I'm tempted to go back to ATT and get the 650 with EDGE and the ability to roam on analog(don't want to miss calls and Tmobile doesn't roam on analog as far as I know) but the last time I had ATT their customer service was so terrible that I had to switch (and at the time I had the ultimate: SE t68i w/ bluetooth headset, UNLIMITED calling plan for 99.99/mo and a vanity number which I can no longer get). So, as you can see, I am in a dilemma..... Wait for ATT, get Sprint now, or?????
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    Neither. I had ATT and their service plummetted while I was on 3 years ago. I switched to T-mobile since and been very happy. I honestly don't believe its worth it to switch to ATT just because they have EDGE. EDGE won't be impressive until they refine the system. By that time, T-mobile should have it in Summer of 2005 and perhaps an even better Treo will be out.

    If you like T-mobile, your best bet is to stick with them. They're rates and service are very good. Just by the Treo 650 straight from Palmone's site and pop in your T-Mobile sim card.

    good luck.
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    The only way to roam analog on Cingular is to have a GAIT phone and the T600 is not a GAIT phone, i.e. it communicates only on GSM.
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    You need to pick by what is best in your area. But I would stay GSM if you are at all inclined to travel to other countries. I have cingular and love it. I am So Cal though.
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    Thanks for all of your advice. I still cannot decide what to do. I went and bought a brand new t600 at my local tmo store and got a brand new t600 from a local Sprint store(to try out on their 14 day trial). Well, it's hard to say which I prefer because..... My tmo signal fluctuates constantly in my house and when the phone loses it's signal I get an error message telling me that my sim card registration failed and I have to turn the radio off and on again to re-register it. That's frustrating and a little puzzling since I never had to turn my Nokia 3650 off and on again to get signal, least I can't remember having to.

    On the Sprint t600 I could not get the internet/vision to work I called Sprint at least 6 times and talked with just about everyone, at all hours, for hours at a time and tried everything but still no vision. Very frustrating . On top of that, the signal for the phone service varied between 1 and 2 bars and wasn't any better than my tmo signal. I thought Sprint had great coverage? ? Well, I got so frustrated with the Sprint t600 and their incompetent service reps that I returned the phone in disappointment . I was looking forward to a good experience with Sprint and had considered switching(to get the 650) but I was not happy and will probably stick with tmo until edge is avail (early to mid '05). I didn't have to renew my contract w/tmo to get the phone and got it for $399. I don't mind spending money on a phone but I want great service to match the device or the phone is useless( I just sold my pda2k pocket pc for $825 to give palm a chance, I was impressed with it's one-handed functionality that I didn't know it had until the CTIA in S.F. recently, and the pda2k doesn't have, unfortunately).
    Anyway, I am currently a little disappointed and was hoping Sprints analog roaming would have helped in signal strength but it didn't. Anybody here use ATT or Cingular and roam on analog? I've heard analog is getting phased out. Is it worth going to Att/cingular for analog roaming? HELP? I depend HEAVILY on my phone/all in one device as I am a mortgage consultant by day and I run my own marketing firm by night. Any more advice or personal experiences from any readers would be much appreciated as buying and trying on my own can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Thanks
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    That is unfortunate. IMO, Sprint used to have issues but has been great for the last year. I get much better coverage with Sprint than I do with Cingular -- I have the Cingular Treo 600 as my work phone and Sprint for personal use (my work requires Cingular). Data is so much better on Sprint, and there's no comparison in voice quality. Sounds like you got a bum deal in provisioning, but, to me, it's not indicative of the product or the company.
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    I want to give props to Sprint... the data plan is worth it right there... plus I switched to Tmobile last year... I was off contract and wanted free fancy color phones... my wife and I spent the weekend saying "what, what..." the sound quality was poo... and these were Nokia phones which everyone seems to rave about. also when I called sprint to cancel they said "we'll give you two free phones if you sign up for a new contract" which I did... canceled tmo and haven't looked back.
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    cingular is now the largest carrier with the merger. (so-long verizon) i sell all the different carriers with the exception of verizon. i get the most complaints about sprint. sprint is also tricky in how they let you roam on analog towers(pricing). cingular has a larger digital footprint than sprint. i will admit however that cdma does seem to have better overall voice quality. however they both are quite good. tmobile is the worst. by them being a relatively new player in the us, their network isnt that large. all the people i know with tmo phones all have poor reception/dropped calls when they call me. also cingular/att being gsm allows me to carry several phones if i want. say i dont want to lug my blackberry to the movies...fine i pop my sim in my motorola v600 and off i go. i love it. no calling in etc to change esn numbers. this is another reason most cell phone junkies like gsm. personaly id go with att. they dont have rollover(which is a gimmick anyway)but they give u more minutes for the same price point than cingular does, give you free incomming text messages(unlike cigular), and on plans 59.99 or higher your nights automatically start at 7pm(unlike cingular). att pricing plans are also superior to sprint. this however is the case in general with gsm and cdma. gsm plans are always generally cheaper than comparable cdma plans. its cheaper to operate gsm networks than cdma, so this gets passed on to the consumer.

    on a side note, i may "migrate" to cingular as they allow current att customers to take adavantage of new customer rebates. so when the 650 becomes available i may do this. cant decide if i wanna stay blackbery or not. the treo 600 threads have made me leery with all the negative posts about crashing phones, broken speakers etc etc.
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    Hey Zaakir or anyone, that said...if one chooses ATT, aren't they in effect choosing Cingular since they are the same company? Don't they or shouldn't they have the same plans then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Physician User
    Hey Zaakir or anyone, that said...if one chooses ATT, aren't they in effect choosing Cingular since they are the same company? Don't they or shouldn't they have the same plans then?

    nope, u can still currently sign up for ATT separately. and as i said above their plans are slightly better in my opinion. also with the merger your mobile to mobile not only includes att customers, but cingular as well. so with this whole merger thing...the customer wins. id take advantage now as eventually im sure cingular will have only their plans available. if i do "migrate" itll be just for the rebates on a new blackberry or a treo 650.
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    I have been very happy with T Mobile. I was a Sprint user for years and I grew to dislike that company. Sprint overbilled me at least three time that I know of. They have also developed a nasty habit of giving out information that is just plain wrong. T Mobile had some serious coverage problems some years ago, but now when we make our annual trip to Nova Scotia I find that the only dead spot is in the middle of nowhere in Vermont.
    I believe that the most important single consideration is customer support, and that's where T Mobile really shines. Usual disclaimer... I have nothing to do with T Mobile...
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    I've used ATT exclusively since they went GSM (anyone remember MLife?) and I can say they improved tremendously. Coverage has improved markedly since the Cingular merger. Rollover minutes are being offered to ATT customers. Plus, their coverage map is second to none. I live in south Florida, and my TMo/Sprint friends are always searching for a signal. Now, if only the data plan prices would improve. :-)
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    I switched to Sprint from Verizon when I purchased my T600 last year. Sprint has great call quality, even long distance. I have made coast-to-coast phone calls, and this past Thanksgiving from Long Island I called a relative in So. Florida and it was as if the call was being made on a wired phone. Access to Vision hasn't been a problem on either coasts.

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